A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity
By Isaac Ray
2000/03 - Beard Books - Medical Classic
1893122727 - Paperback - Reprint - 490 pp.

A fascinating look at early legal principles that were based on misconceptions of insanity, and sets forth a systematic classification of the malady.

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Category: Law

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Medical Jurisprudence, Insanity, and Toxicology

This book is a fascinating look at the early development of the principles that have regulated the civil and criminal responsibilities of the insane. Interestingly, principles of law were laid down long before physicians had any solid understanding of the malady. Legislators and jurists had done little more than indicate some of the obvious divisions of insanity. This book addresses some of the popular misconceptions of mental derangement and sets forth a systematic classification of the various forms of insanity.

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Issac Ray, (1807-1881). In 1838, he published "A Treatise on the Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity". That book, and Ray's subsequent efforts established forensic psychiatry in the United States as a discipline with its own body of knowledge, skills, and professional goals. In 1896 Ray published a paper "Confinement of the Insane", in which he presented the three elements vital for any law regarding the involuntary hospitalization of the insane. 

Preliminary Views 1
Chapter I. Mental Disease in General 68
Chapter II. Idiocy 72
Chapter III. Imbecility 77
Chapter IV. Legal consequences of Mental Deficiency 96
Chapter V. Pathology and symptoms of Mania 134
Chapter VI. Intellectual Mania 152
Sec. I. General Intellectual Mania 152
Sec. II. Partial Intellectual Mania 161
Chapter VII. Moral Mania 168
Sec. I. General Moral Mania 170
Sec. II. Partial Moral Mania 186
Chapter VIII. Legal consequences of Mania 235
Sec. I. Legal consequences of Intellectual Mania 236
Sec. II. Legal consequences of Moral Mania 258
Chapter IX. Dementia 279
Chapter X. Legal consequences of Dementia 289
Chapter XI. Febrile Delirium 297
Chapter XII. Legal consequences of Delirium 303
Chapter XIII. Duration and curability of Madness 310
Chapter XIV. Lucid Intervals 319
Chapter XV. Simulated Insanity 338
Chapter XVI. Concealed Insanity 363
Chapter XVII. Suicide 372
Chapter XVIII. Legal consequences of Suicide 383
Chapter XIX. Somnambulism 386
Chapter XX. Legal consequences of Somnambulism 394
Chapter XXI. Simulated Somnambulism 398
Chapter XXII. Effect of insanity on Evidence 401
Chapter XXIII. Drunkenness 413
Chapter XXIV. Legal consequences of Drunkenness 428
Chapter XXV. Interdiction 452

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