Cartels: Challenge to a Free World Cartels: Challenge to a Free World
By Wendell Berge
2000/05 - Beard Books - Business Classic
1587980134 - Paperback - Reprint - 274 pp.

This sobering book makes known that if there is to be a free and productive economy in the U.S. or free exchange of goods in the world markets, the power of cartels must be broken.

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Category: Banking & Finance

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History of the Sherman Law

The Bottlenecks of Business

The Folklore of Capitalism

In the days of Adam Smith, it was possible to measure the wealth of nations in terms of mineral resources, possession of fertile lands, and control of strategic geographical areas. Today we have a new index of wealth and security of nations: technology and applied science. So begins Wendell Berge's discourse on cartels. With the recent Microsoft anti-trust trials, you might think he was talking about current events, but Berge wrote this precis of anti-trust law in 1944. It is amazing how relevant his work is today and the insight it provides into what Berge calls anti-cartel law.

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Former Assistant Attorney General and head of the Justice Department's Antitrust division, Wendell Berge died in Washington in 1955. Mr. Berge was a native of Lincoln. Nebraska, from an active Democratic family. He took his undergraduate diploma at the University of Nebraska and his Bachelor of Law from the University of Michigan.

In 1941, President Roosevelt named Berge Assistant Attorney General, in charge of the criminal division of the Justice Department. In 1947 he returned to private practice in Washington.


1.  Trusts to Cartels 1
2.  Enterprise Eclipsed 10
3.  Technology 19
4.  Patents 36
5.  Medicines 52
6.  Synthetic Hormones 58
7.  Vitamins 82
8.  Quebracho Extract 112
9.  Titanium 124
10.  Optical Instruments 142
11. Miscellaneous Products 176
12.  The Webb Act 192
13.  Private Governments 208
14.  Freedom or Control 233
Appendix I: Recent Cases 250
Appendix II: Bibliography 257
Index 261

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