General Theory of Law General Theory of Law
By N. M. Korkunov
2000/08 - Beard Books - Law Classic
1587980444 - Paperback - Reprint -  552 pp.

The philosophical underpinnings of the law as espoused by a law professor from Russia.

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Category: Law

This title is part of the International Law list.

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Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function

Legal Lore: Curiosities of Law and Lawyers

The Reasonableness of the Law

This English translation of Professor Korkunov’s (University of St. Petersburg) philosophical insight into universal legal thought as well as Russian juridical thought, provides interesting reading for all who would like to know about the basis of law. After an illuminating introduction, the book is divided into four broad parts -- conceptions of law, objective and subjective sides of law, hypothesis of natural law, and positive law. The author states: “Among all the branches of science it is precisely in law that the compelling necessity for a generalized system is felt. This arises from the fact that we cannot observe law in its entirety.”

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N.M. Korkunov was a professor at the University of Saint Petersburg in Russia.  His specialty lecturers were on common and state law. 

Index to Cases Cited
Chapter I The True Nature and Character of Equity Jurisprudence 1
Chapter II The Origin and History of Equity Jurisprudence 38
Chapter III General View of Equity Jurisdiction 59
Chapter IV Concurrent Jurisdiction of Equity 75
Chapter V Mistake 110
Chapter  VI Actual or Positive Fraud 184
Chapter VII Constructive Fraud 258
Chapter VIII Account 441
Chapter IX Administration 530
Chapter X Legacies 590
Chapter XI Confusion of Boundaries 609
Chapter XII Dower 624
Chapter XIII Marshalling of Securities 633
Chapter XIV Partition 646
Chapter XV Partnership 659
Chapter XVI Matters of Rent 684
Chapter XVII Peculiar Remedies in Equity 688
Cancellation and Delivery of Instruments
Chapter XVIII Specific Performance of Agreements and Other Duties 712
Chapter XIX Compensation and Damages 794
Chapter XX Interpleader 800
Chapter XXI Bills Quia Timet 825
Chapter XXII Bills of Peace 852
Chapter XXIII Injunctions 861
Chapter XXIV Exclusive Jurisdiction 960
Express Trusts
Chapter XXV Express Trusts 983
Marriage Settlements
Chapter XXVI Express Trusts 998
Terms for Years
Chapter XXVII Express Trusts 1004
Chapter XXVIII Express Trusts 1036
Chapter XXIX Express Trusts 1058
Wills and Testaments
Chapter XXX Express Trusts 1075
Election and Satisfaction
Chapter XXXI Express Trusts 1124
Application of Purchase-Money
Chapter XXXII Express Trusts 1136
Chapter XXXIII Implied Trusts 1195
Chapter XXXIV Penalties and Forfeitures 1301
Chapter XXXV Infants 1327
Chapter XXXVI Idiots and Lunatics 1362
Chapter XXXVII Married Women 1366
Chapter XXXVIII Set-off 1430
Chapter XXXIX Establishing Wills 1445
Chapter XL Awards 1450
Chapter XLI Writs of Ne Exeat Regno and Supplicavit 1464
Chapter XLII Bills of Discovery, and Bills to Preserve and Perpetuate Evidence 1480
Chapter XLIII Peculiar Defences and Proofs in Equity 1517
Chapter XLIV Estoppels in Equity 1533
Chapter XLV Railways and Other Companies 1557
Chapter XLVI The Effect of Judgments at Law 1573
Foreign Judgments

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