Introduction to Risk and Insurance Introduction to Risk and Insurance
By Ralph Blanchard
2001/06 - Beard Books
1587981009 - Paperback - Reprint -  220 pp.

An informative discussion of the major aspects and elements of the subject of insurance.

Publisher Comments

Category: Banking & Finance

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This book contains a collection of thirty-five major articles and addresses by D. Blanchard, a renowned specialist in the systematic study of insurance. The collection presents clear and precise interpretations on a broad range of topics, such as risk-bearing, ratios, public relations, the basis of premium rates, insurance terminology, and government and insurance. As such, this volume is especially interesting and useful for people in the insurance field, teachers and students in insurance, as well as others who are affected by risk elements in their businesses.


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Ralph H. Blanchard (1891-1973), graduated from Dartmouth College in 1911 and received his Doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania where he taught until 1917. He was president of the Casualty Actuarial Society in 1941 and 1942. He also served as president of the American Association of University Teachers of Insurance, as vice president and manager of the American Managers Association, and as director of the Insurance Society of New York. He was the author of numerous publications, and instituted and edited the McGraw-Hill Insurance Series, of which twenty volumes appeared before his retirement. Dr. Blanchard was an advisor to the insurance industry and was also a consultant to the Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, and the Social Security Board. In 1958 he was elected to the Insurance Hall of Fame established by the Griffith Foundation and Ohio State University.


1. Risk and Insurance 1
2. The Insurance Mechanism 19
3. Insurance in the Depression 27
4. Fire Hazards 34
5. Prevention 40
6. Ratios 45
7. Research 51
8. Changing Times and the Insurance Agent 55
9. Public Relations 61
10. Constructive Competition 64
11. Automobile Insurance and the Traffic Problem 69
12. Insularity in Insurance 75
13. The Casualty Actuary and Social Insurance 79
14. The Lawyer and Insurance 84
15. Losses, Expenses and Profit 92
16. Health Insurance and the Insured 98
17. Education 104
18. Risk as a Special Subject of Study 110
19. The Education of an Adjuster 116
20. College and Company Education 119
21. Reserves 123
22. Unearned-Premium Reserves 128
23. Investments of Insurers 133
24. Coinsurance 138
25. Fire Loss Adjustment 144
26. Appointment of Loss in Fire Insurance 151
27. The Basis of Premium Rates 159
28. Purchasing Insurance 164
29 Deductible Average 169
30. Description of Property in the Fire Insurance Contract 172
31. The Insurance Buyer Looks Ahead, Personal Insurance 177
32. Insurance and Government 183
33. Revision of the New York Standard Fire Insurance Policy 190
34. A Proposal for State Regulation of Rates 196
35. Insurance Terminology 199

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