How to Measure Managerial Performance How to Measure Managerial Performance
By Richard S. Sloma
1999/01 - Beard Books
1893122646 - Paperback - Reprint -  271 pp.

A valuable reference tool, this practical handbook provides new insights into enterprising management techniques.

Publisher Comments

Category: Banking & Finance

This title is part of the Smart Management list.

A compendium of principles and techniques to improve and measure managerial performance in a number of areas important to the successful operation of a business. Rigorous application of the concepts of this instructive book will enable an organization to perform at several levels higher in efficiency and effectiveness.

'Here at last in one volume are the comprehensive and indepth checklists to effectively measure and evaluate functional performance and to determine where improvements are possible. This practical approach to better management will be invaluable to senior and middle managers who are striving for top performance and outstanding results.'

RICHARD S. SLOMA is an attorney and internationally acclaimed lecturer.

Twenty-eight years of hands-on management experience as a Board Member, Chairman, CEO and COO of several companies. Hold a J.D. from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He is the author of a number of other books on good business practices: No-Nonsense Management, No-Nonsense Planning, How to Measure Managerial Performance and Getting it to the Bottom Line

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Preface ix
How to Use This Book xi
Chapter 1 Let's Destroy Some Myths --- And Identify the Needs 1
Chapter 2 Management and Operating Control: An Overview 7
Chapter 3 The Elements of Strategy 12
Chapter 4 Organizing Strategy Objectives 18
Chapter 5 Plan Statements 23
Chapter 6 Plan Objectives 49
Chapter 7 How to Set Management Performance Standards 56
Chapter 8 How to Measure Marketing Management Performance 70
Chapter 9 How to Measure Sales Management Performance 83
Chapter 10 How to Measure Engineering Research and Development Management Performance 100
Chapter 11 How to Measure Purchasing Management Performance 107
Chapter 12 How to Measure Production Planning and Control Management Performance 119
Chapter 13 How to Measure Production Management Performance 126
Chapter 14 How to Measure Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering Management Performance 146
Chapter 15 How to Measure Materials Handling Management Performance 155
Chapter 16 How to Measure Maintenance Management Performance 162
Chapter 17 How to Measure Plant and Facilities Management Performance 170
Chapter 18 How to Measure Quality Assurance Management Performance 183
Chapter 19 How to Measure Management Performance of the Treasurer 189
Chapter 20 How to Measure Controllership Management Performance 200
Chapter 21 How to Measure EDP/MIS Management Performance 220
Chapter 22 How to Measure Personnel Management Performance 229
Chapter 23 A Final Note... PEOPLE! 242
Index 249

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