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Analyzing Modern Business Cycles: Essays Honoring Geoffrey H. Moore
By Philip A. Klein

Balance Sheet Management: Squeezing Extra Profits and Cash from Your Business
By Morris A. Nunes

Being the Boss: The Importance of Leadership and Power
By Abraham L. Gitlow

Beyond the Hype: Rediscovering the Essence of Management
By Robert G. Eccles and Nitin Nohria

Beyond the Quick Fix: Managing Five Tracks to Organizational Success
By Ralph H. Kilmann

Calling a Halt to Mindless Change: A Plea for Commonsense Management
By John MacDonald

Consumer Psychology in Behavioral Perspective
By Gordon Foxall 

Corporate Debt Capacity: A Study of Corporate Debt Policy and the Determination of Corporate Debt Capacity
By Gordon Donaldson

Corporate Players: Designs for Working and Winning Together
By Robert W. Keidel

Corporate Venturing: Creating New Businesses Within the Firm
By Zenas Block and Ian C. MacMillan

Crafting Solutions for Troubled Businesses: A Disciplined Approach to Diagnosing and Confronting Management Challenges
By Stephen J. Hopkins and S. Douglas Hopkins

Declining Demand, Divestiture, and Corporate Strategy
By Kathryn Rudie Harrigan 

Disregard of the Corporate Fiction and Allied Corporation Problems
By I. Maurice Wormser

Executive Guide to Managing Disputes: Using ADR to Save Time and expense in Business, Healthcare, and the Workplace
By Gary Kaplan

Financial Management for Decision Making
By Harold Bierman, Jr. and Seymour Smidt

Game Plans: Sports Strategies for Business
By Robert W. Keidel

Getting It to the Bottom Line: Management by Incremental Gains
By Richard S. Sloma

How to Measure Managerial Performance
By Richard S. Sloma

Joint Ventures, Alliances, and Corporate Strategy
By Kathryn Rudie Harrigan 

Law and Practice in Corporate Control
By Chester Rohrlich

Learning Leadership: The Abuse of Power in Organizations
By Abraham Zaleznik

Mary Parker Follett, Prophet of Management: A Celebration of Writings from the 1920s
By Pauline Graham

No-Nonsense Management: A General Manager's Primer
By Richard S. Sloma

No-Nonsense Planning
By Richard S. Sloma

Seeing Organizational Patterns: A New Theory and Language of Organizational Design
By Robert W. Keidel

Team-Based Project Management
By James P. Lewis

The Bottlenecks of Business
By Thurman W. Arnold

The Entrepreneurs: Explorations Within the American Business Tradition
By Robert Sobel

The Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy
By Thomas Salerno, Jordan Kroop and Craig Hansen

The Limits of Corporate Power: Existing Constraints on the Exercise of Corporate Discretion
By Ira M. Millstein and Salem M. Katsh

The Managerial Mystique: Restoring Leadership in Business
By Abraham Zaleznik

The Pursuit of Innovation: Managing the People and Processes That Turn New Ideas Into Profits
By George Freedman

The Web of Inclusion: Architecture for Building Great Organizations
By Sally Helgesen

Unique Value: The Secret of All Great Business Strategies
By Andrea Dunham and Barry Marcus

Vertical Integration, Outsourcing, and Corporate Strategy
By Kathryn Rudie Harrigan 

What's Your Game Plan? Creating Business Strategies that Work
By Milton C. Lauenstein

Working Together: 12 Principles for Achieving Excellence in Managing Projects, Teams, and Organizations
By James P. Lewis*

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