Net Net: A Novel about the Discount Store Game

Net Net: A Novel about the Discount Store Game
By Isadore Barmash
2003/10 - Beard Books
1587981947 - Paperback - Reprint  - 315 pp.

A magnificent and very funny saga of the retail business.

Publisher Comments

Categories: Banking & Finance

This title is part of the Business Histories list.

In this first novel to examine the zany and dramatic triumphs and defeats of the American discount store merchant, the lusty, funny story takes a twist on things that are not as they seem and depicts people who are as human, lovable, and detestable as any you have met. Not only does Barmash capture the early years of merchandise discounting, but he introduces us to some colorful characters, shady operators, and quick-buck sharpies.

From John O'Toole, Chicago Sun-Time, April 23, 1972

"The whole book is sheer serendipity for those of us who had despaired of encountering a novel about business that contained a ring of truth. Barmash, who wrote "Welcome to Our Conglomerate-You're Fired" has not only woven a bizarre reality into his first work of fiction, he's touch on some verities about that most fragile of business entities, the creative organization."

From William Buston, Stores Magazine

"From page to page I found myself mentally exclaiming, "How true!" Yes, that's how it is! What great insight!" ...a magnificent saga of retailing... You'll enjoy, you'll profit from Net Net."

From Business Week

"A very funny novel...Barmash recaptures the early years of discounting, the goofy characters, the schlock operators, the well-meaning bumblers, and the quick-buck sharpies...The net net is entertainment."

Isadore Barmash, a veteran business journalist and author, was associated with the New York Times for more than a quarter-century as business-financial writer and editor. He also contributed many articles for national media, Reuters America, and the Nikon Keizai Shimbun of Japan. He has published 13 books, including Macy's for Sale and Welcome to Our Conglomerate-You're Fired! He is listed in the 57th edition of Who's Who in America.

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