Railroads: Finance & Organizations Railroads: Finance & Organizations
By William Z. Ripley
2000/09 - Beard Books - Business Classic
1587980746 - Paperback - Reprint - 658 pp.

A detailed look at the financial and organizational aspects related to railroads.

Publisher Comments

Category: Maritime & Transportation

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This book is not merely a technical treatise about railroad finance, a stock exchange handbook and a banker's manual but is also a constructive essay in government. Covered are the subjects of railroad construction finance; capital and capitalization; railroad securities, including capital stock, mortgage indebtedness, market prices, speculation, stock-watering, and state regulation of security issues; determination of reasonable rates; receivership and reorganization; inter-corporate relations; railroad combinations; dissolution under the antitrust laws; and pooling and inter-railway agreements. The text is replete with tables and maps.

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William Zebina Ripley was born Oct. 13, 1867, in Medford, Mass., U.S. American economist and anthropologist. Ripley was trained in civil engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in political economics at Columbia University, New York City (Ph.D., 1893). He spent most of his career as professor of political economy at Harvard University (1902-33). During World War I he served as administrator of labour standards for the U.S. War Department. In 1920-23 he drew up for the Interstate Commerce Commission the Ripley Plan for the regional consolidation of U.S. railways. In 1931-32, while testifying before the U.S. Senate, he advocated close federal restraint on investment trusts and on the financial practices of large business corporations.

He died Aug. 16, 1941 in Boothbay, Maine.

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Chapter I Railroad Construction Finance
Chapter II Capital and Capitalization
Chapter III Railroad Securities: Capital Stock, Etc.
Chapter IV Railroad Securities: Mortgage Indebtedness, Etc.
Chapter V The Course of Market Prices
Chapter VI Speculation
Chapter VII Stock-Watering
Chapter VIII Stock-Watering (Continued)
Chapter IX State Regulation of Security Issues
Chapter X The Determination of Reasonable Rates
Chapter XI Physical Valuation: Reasonable Rates
Chapter XII Receivership and Reorganization
Chapter XIII Intercorporate Relations
Chapter XIV Combination: Eastern and Southern Systems
Chapter XV Railroad Combination in the West
Chapter XVI The Anthracite Coal Arrangement
Chapter XVII Dissolution Under the Anti-Trust Law
Chapter XVIII Pooling and Inter-Railway Agreements
Appendix I. Joint Ownership
Appendix II. The Operating Ratio
Appendix III. The Credit Mobilier
Appendix IV. Ownership of Securities

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