Code Napoleon: Or the French Civil Code Code Napoleon: Or the French Civil Code
By Barrister of the Inner Temple
1999/10 - Beard Books - Law Classic
1893122212 - Paperback - Reprint - 656 pp.

The foundation for the laws of most of the nations of the world.

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Category: Law

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A History of French Public Law

Ancient Law

General Theory of Law

Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function

Legal Lore: Curiosities of Law and Lawyers

Even though Napoleon died in exile, his legal legacy still endures. By the time he was defeated at Waterloo, his codification of civil laws, known as the "Code Napoleon," was more than ten years old. Countries on which he had not imposed the Code also went on to adopt it, and their influence spread its contents around the globe. Today, nearly all of the civil law nations of the world can trace their laws to the Code Napoleon. It was the law of the land covered by the Louisiana Purchase and is still the basis of the law in Louisiana. This volume is an informative and interesting addition to the library of every attorney and legal scholar.

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The history of the Inner Temple is a long and interesting one. It began soon after the middle of the twelfth century with a contingent of knights of the Military Order of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Few records of its activities before 1500 have survived. In the 1500s, the majority of its students were the sons of country gentlemen, and a minority studied for the legal profession. The sixteenth century was an age of expansion for the common law and its practitioners. The major influence in the seventeenth century was recognized by the contributions of Sir Edward Coke, a holder of the Inn's great seal.

Of the Publication, Effect, and Application of the Laws in General 1
Of Persons
Of the Enjoyment and Privation of Civil Rights 3
Of Acts Before the Civil Authorities 11
Of Domicil ib
Of Absent Persons 34
Of Marriage 43
Of Divorce ib
Of Paternity and Filiation 87
Of Adoption and Friendly Guardianship 95
Of Paternal Power 103
Of Minority, Guardiansitip, and Emancipation 107
Of Majority, Interdiction, and the Judicial Adviser 135
Of Property, and the different Modifications of Property.
Of the Distinction of Property 142
Of Property 150
Of usufruct, Right of Common, and of Habitation 160
Of Servitudes or Manorial Services 175
Of the different Modes of acquiring Property.
General Dispositions 194
Of Successions 196
Of Donations During Life and of Wills 244
Of Contracts or Conventional Obligations in General 302
Of Engagements Which are Formed Without Contract 374
Of the Contract of Marriage and of the Respective Rights of Married Persons 379
Of Sales 440
Of Barter 468
Of the Contract of Hiring 469
Of the Contract of Partnership 499
Of Loans 512
Of Deposit and Sequestration 521
Of Aleatory Contracts 532
Of Procuration 537
Of Security 544
Of the Compronding of Actions 553
Of Personal Arrest in a Civil Matter 556
Of Pledging 560
Of Forcible Ejectment, and of the Order Among Creditors 566
Of Forcible Ejectment, and of the Order Among Creditors 608
Of Prescription 613

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